Kiln 2 - Double Frame

Our Kiln Collection brings a splash of colour to our reclaimed whisky barrel frames. 

These beautiful frames are Inspired by the colours of Scotlands distilleries each frame is available with a choice of eight different backing colours. 

All handcrafted from retired Scottish whisky barrels by our team of skilled woodworkers in Scotland. 

Kiln 2 holds two 4x6" photos in portrait or landscape orientation. The frame can be free-standing in a landscape orientation or wall hung in either landscape or portrait. 

Colour Choice:

Loch - Deep matte blue from the lochs of Scotland.

Rust -  Rich matte burnt rust colour from the barrel hoops.

Char - From the inside of charred barrels matte black.

Still - Metallic copper inspired by the distilleries stills.

Barley - Bright neutral matte from the sun-drenched fields to the kiln.

Smoke - Delicate Matte Grey from the flavours and smells of the Islands. 

Peat - Lush deep green from the peat bogs of the Highlands. 

Uisge - A brilliant blue from today's rain and tomorrows whisky.


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