Painted Cask End - Family


Our Painted Cask Ends are a perfect family keepsake. A great gift for a special occasion.  

Each barrel end is hand-painted with a choice of background colors and then stenciled in the traditional way which distilleries and cooperages use to mark barrels in a choice of white or black. 

Creating a wonderful personalized gift. We will email over an image for approval before painting on the stencil. 

- Size ranges from 500mm to 550mm.

- Secured on the back with metal bands to keep the pieces of wood together.

- D rings and a sawtooth hanger to hang.

 - Digital mock-up sent after the order for approval.


Line One:  Surname (& Co.)

Line Two (EST): Year of EST

Line Three (LOT): Date of Births (up to 6)

Line Four: Place of Births (Airport or city codes)


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