Frequently Asked Questions

Can I select my exact frame?
No and yes – because of the number of frames we sell and the fact each one is unique the choice would be overwhelming. Each product is very similar in size colour and providence only with minor variation.


However if it is important to you (then its important to us) to see your frame before we ship it we will happily send you several photos of your exact frame for your approval.


If you would like to view your frame before shipping then place your order via our online shop then contact us directly via email asking to “Confirm my frame via photos before shipping” please include your order number and delivery details.


Remember we offer a total satisfaction guarantee so if for any reason your not completely satisfied with your frame we will refund or replace without quibble alternatively visit a shop local to you that stocks Whisky Frames.



Can I chose a frame from a particular distillery?
Yes and no. If you would like a certain frame from a particular distillery please email us directly with your request.


While we have barrels from many different Scottish whisky makers we cant guarantee we will have specific stock at the right time.


In most cases we have been able to help customers or make suitable substitutions. Please use the contact form at the bottom of this section – Just ask us – we will do our upmost to help you.


Can I find out what distillery my cask came from?
Providence and history is a priority at Whisky Frames so we have created an online Frame Origin Archive which allows you to search for your frame using the unique frame number hand written on the back of your frame.


We try to gain as much information about the cask, however some barrels have no documented history usually when we collect from cooperages however we will make an educated guess based on information from the cooper. If the providence is not officially known or no information is available we will note this on the Frame Origin Archive.


When we source barrels directly from distilleries we know the providence and will provide a link to the distillery website for more information.


Unfortunately some of our early frames archive information was lost and we can not provide this information. Our sincere apologies if this has affected you.


Can you place a photo in the frame for me?
Of course! Simply upload your photo(s) when ordering your frame. We will have it professionally printed and position it into the frame ready for use.


We use professional printers so require a high resolution image. If the image is not suitable we will contact you to assure your complete satisfaction.


Unfortunately we can not alter any images or provide any touch up services. Please see our photo printing guidelines to ensure the perfect moment is framed perfectly.


I would like to personalise my frame what can be done?
We have so many options to make your frame extra unique! When you order a frame from Whisky Frames we offer a vast selection of options to personalise your frame these include:


  • Professional photo printing service
  • Laser engraved message / logo
  • Monogramed Rivets
  • Choice of Harris Tweed Backing
  • Select your family tartan as the backing material
  • Gift wrapping service


Simply select any of these options when placing your order online to make that truly personal gift / frame


If you have any suggestions or any other bespoke ideas please contact us via email to see if its possible – we love new ideas and suggestions.


If for whatever reason I don't like my frame can I return it?
Not a problem. We offer complete satisfaction to all our customers. So if your not completely satisfied for any reason we will refund or replace your frame without quibble.


All we ask is that you contact us directly as soon as possible explaining why your not completely satisfied. We will do our upmost to resolve the problem and ensure your happy with your purchase of a Whisky Frames.


To save you reading the fine print – Unfortunately we can’t refund shipping and or bespoke charges unless due to errors on our part. We will still refund the original cost of the frame minus any shipping / bespoke options if your not satisfied with the product.


If you are concerned about any aspect of this please see our terms or conditions (returns policy) or the “can I select my exact frame” FAQ.


Where do Whisky Frames deliver?
We deliver Whisky Frames to most countries world wide. The UK, Europe, the USA and Canada are popular and well catered for destinations.


Our online ordering system provides a delivery cost based on what you have ordered and your location (this covers most countries), however it can’t account for all areas. If you encounter problems with shipping charges please contact us directly via email and we we endeavour to  do our upmost get your Whisky Frame delivered.


Where do you source your casks?
We source our casks from various distilleries and cooperages though out Scotland.


We hand select each casks looking for an aged patina and a rustic appearance. We only use casks that have reached the end of the usable life, either too leaky or the wood has given all its flavour over the years.


If you would like to know more about the life of a humble cask check out the section “all about the life of a barrel”.


How do I care for my frame?
Our frames require very little care. A light clean once a year with a damp cloth should keep it looking in tip top condition.


The Perspex can be removed to clean but use a soft lint free cloth to avoid scratching. Acetone based cleaners should be avoided to retain the clarity of the protective perspex. Please take care when replacing the screws as if its too tight the perspex can crack.


Replacement protective windows are available if required. Please contact us to arrange this


How do I change the photo?
Very easily. Simply remove the front window swap the photo and replace.


Every frame has a protective perspex window that is secured with 4 brass screws. When you want to change the photo simply use a small slotted (flat style) screwdriver to remove the screws, carefully remove the perspex and this will provide full access to change your photo. Take care when replacing the screws as if screwed in too tight the perspex may crack.


We provide an area on the rear of the material backing  (which is not normally seen) to enter information such as the Date the picture was taken, by whom and where. We advise that is is updated to provide anecdotal / useful information for the future.
I cant find the tartan I want. What can I do?
Simply contact us directly via email and we will see what we can do.


With over 4000 registered tartans it would be impossible to offer every one and many are only available by special order. However we do offer the most popular clan tartans and family names via our website.


Has Whisky Frames been approved to use genuine Harris Tweed?
Yes! We are in regular contact with the Harris Tweed Authority and have been given permission to use their world famous tweed.


We like to source bolts (full reams of Tweed) direct from the weavers in the Outer Hebrides and have a close working relationship with many of the weavers.


The Harris Tweed Authority provide us with the swing tags to use on our Frames incorporating Harris Tweed.


Where we use Tartan backings (by customer request), please note these are not produced by Harris Tweed weavers. However we still use high quality Scottish suppliers.



Cant find what your looking for try our company or delivery FAQs

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