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Who Are we? Whats our story ?



We are a wife and husband team with a creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit. Our story of Whisky frames started as we love to make items that are inspired by the rich history of Scotland, this led us to create our rustic yet refined whisky frames.


Ross’ back ground in engineering and my passion for art & design along with the support of our 2 daughters and both our families have helped us make Whisky Frames a reality.


Together we love to create new products and come up with new ideas utilising the rustic and industrial materials no longer needed. We enjoy the process of crafting and making things together in our workshop outside of Edinburgh.


We hope you enjoy for many years the products we make and would love to hear from you if you have any ideas or suggestions.




What do we do?

Whisky frames makes rustic photo frames made from old Scottish single malt whisky barrels.


Every frame is hand crafted in our workshop just outside of Edinburgh. They are made from American oak barrels which are no longer usable by the whisky industry.


We are passionate about the local and traditional crafts of Scotland’s industrious past and our frames pay homage to the rich history of the Whisky industry and cooperages here.


We also source Harris Tweed from the Outer Hebrides to add the finishing touches to our frames.  Whisky Frames make the perfect rustic yet refined gift.


Whos who?

Kristen b&W


Owner / Founder


AKA Mama-bear

Kristen has her MFA in Sculpture and completed her under graduate work in Interior Design. She worked in the USA in leading architecture firms before setting in Scotland.



Technical / Co Founder


AKA Dogs-body

Ross did his degree work in mechanical engineering and is passionate about developing and refining new techniques used in manufacturing. His expertise and know how is essential to Whisky Frames.

Kristen and Ross Hunter of Whisky Frames 

 Neil Hanna Photography
07702 246823

Spike, Ian & Jesse

Workshop Team


AKA The Makers

The team in the workshop bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Whisky Frame family. We are truly lucky to have a team with such passion and skills.

Whisky Frames Q & A

How did you come up with the idea?
This is the most popular question we get asked – Our story of whisky frames is a bit long winded, please excuse us….


Unfortunately our dog Tess passed away when I was in America visiting family with my first daughter, Ross couldn’t join us due to work commitments and as Tess was ‘his’ dog he was understandably very upset.


I decided to find a unique rustic photo frame that I could mount a photo of Tess in. I searched and searched and was surprised at the lack of originality and choice. I settled on a beech wood style frame and whilst it looked rustic and unique it was in my opinion cheaply made and over priced. However Ross loved the gift and the though behind it.


Later I told him the troubles I had finding it and (as with all good ideas) after a glass of wine we got thinking “what could we do?”


We wanted something Scottish and very unique, so over the next few weeks we came up with many different concepts but it wasn’t until we paid a visit to our favourite salvage yard and saw an old and unloved whisky barrel.


– Cut to Eureka moment –


We bought the barrel took it home and tried several concepts out. It wasn’t easy as we initially thought and ended up purchasing another 2 barrels before we created the frames we use today.
How many Frames have you sold?

Frames sold to date

This counter is updated at the end of each month
When was Whisky Frames Founded
Whisky Frames Ltd was Established in early 2017.


We had the concept of frames made from whisky barrels many months before we started, but wanted to have a product that was suitable to sell and last for generations.
Do you really make the frames yourself?
Oh yes! Many a late night have been spent screwing, cutting and packing.


We currently employ 3 full time craftsmen to fulfill demand and recently built a dedicated workshop. However we still end up getting our hands dirty and wouldn’t have it any other way.


We take pride in the fact that we get full barrels in one door and qulity finished frames out the other – everything is done in-house with the exception of Customer Photo Printing.
I like what you do - can you make something else for me?
Unfortunately in most cases no, however for large orders, or product suggestions please contact us.


Whisky Frames is experiencing huge demand and we currently don’t have the resources to undertake bespoke projects that don’t utilise our core products.


It doesn’t hurt to ask – Please contact us directly and see what we can do or possibly put you intouch with someone who can help.


Whisky Frames make a great gift for:

Scottish wedding presents

Groomsman gifts

Whisky lovers Gifts

Rustic Photo Frames

Personalised gifts for men

Personalised gifts for her

Personalised whisky gift


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