Whisky Frames has been selected to take part in E-Spark! We are thrilled for the exciting times that lay ahead of us being a part of this amazing program.

What is E-spark you say?

Entrepreneurial Spark is the world’s largest free business accelerator for early stage and growing ventures.  They have developed a proprietary ‘entrepreneurial enablement’ programme that takes entrepreneurs through a cognitive and action centred development process.  The Entrepreneurial Spark programme lasts for 6 months and can continue for up to 18 months.

Benefits include access to a collaborative office environment suitable for building teams –  The Hatchery!  Businesses in the Hatchery also receive free IT & wifi; access to business enablement and support from a pool of over 50 business mentors.  There are ample opportunities to network during compulsory events, workshops, pitch practice and more.

The focus of the Entrepreneurial Spark programme is on the individual, developing entrepreneurial mindsets and behaviours to enable acceleration and growth.

We can not wait!

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